Dressmaking Courses in Uangdoi Dressmaking School

Dressmaking Courses in Uangdoi Dressmaking School

For people who are looking for dressmaking courses abroad, Thailand is the highly preferable foreign country. The life in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai is very affordable. The Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School is the first and best option for students who are wishing to excel in dressmaking and fashion designing. It offers different courses for different levels of expertise and at the end, you will be a professional dressmaker.

About Uangdoi Design Dressmaking school

IMG_2484_resizeFor dressmaking courses in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School offers an extensive list of tailoring courses for students across the globe. The courses are available for both natives and foreigners. It is the first Chiang Mai based professional dressmaking school. With an experience of over 39 years in this field, the school has achieved an honor prize called “A Royal Reward” from the HRH Princess in the year 1997. At the same time, it is the only tailoring school in Chiang Mai that offers courses in English as well. The school was established with the intention to help students understand and develop their tailoring skills in dressmaking. They offer an exceptional teaching for fun in the exciting world of dressmaking and designing. The demonstration will be very fun-filled and exciting; hence anyone can easily learn and improve their skills.

More about training in Thailand

Thailand is a tourist haven, magical landscapes and tropical weather. It is considered as one of the recommended tourist places with exotic landscapes and tourist spots. There are many things shirt1_resizeto do while you are in Thailand and most of the tourists are taking advantage of this and registering for new skills, so that they can spend a some more weeks while travelling. The courses are created in such a way that they fit for anyone, whether the time you spend might be short or long. They are fun and productive and will include all types of tailoring sessions. They also offer advanced sessions as well where the students can learn how to make an evening dress or a wedding dress with their own style and expression. They can handle both teaching as well as consulting effectively. The courses offered include basic, intermediate and advanced dressmaking courses, embroidery courses, fashion design, etc. After the completion of this course, you will be able to design and make your own clothes and accessories. If you are looking for any practical, productive and profession, fashion design course or dressmaking courses then Uangdoi Design is the ideal choice. The Uangdoi Design is the first tailoring and a dress maker school in Chiang Mai. The efficient and professional faculty trains the students in each and every aspect with personal care. It is also well-known to the students who are enthusiastic in doing dressmaking courses and fashion design course in countries like Bhutan, America, England, China, Lao and India.

Courses offered in the Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School

The Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School offers you various courses that are designed to enhance the tailoring and dressmaking skills of their students. Keeping in mind about the students across the world, the courses are developed for both native Thais and abroad students. You can choose from their different designing, patterning, embroidering and many more courses to develop and accentuate your skills. The professional and expertise teachers insure that your experience with their school provides all the tailoring skills that you wish to fulfill your dreams. The experienced teachers are specially trained from France and have a great experience in both teaching and consulting. Basically, there are three types of courses offered by this dressmaking school such as basic, intermediate and advanced dressmaking courses.

  • Intermediate Course2_resizeBasic Dressmaking Course: For a strong foundation, the basic dressmaking course is designed and it deals with all the basic dressmaking tools. It can help you in better understanding with the fundamental techniques so that you will be able to design your own style. This course is recommended for beginners and people who wish to become a fashion designer or simply looking for those skills that are required to make your own clothes. This foundation level course is set to provide all the skills to improve your sewing patterns and techniques. For enrollment to intermediate course, you are supposed to complete this basic level course or familiar with all the sessions mentioned in this level.
  • Intermediate Dressmaking Course: It is for students who have already completed their basic level course. This primary experience is necessary to move to the next level. At the same time, to move to the advanced course, you are supposed to complete intermediate course. The course includes taking body measurements, stitching different skirts, different sleeve styles, and basic dress. If you are comfortable with the basic level course, then you can directly enroll for this.
  • Advanced Dressmaking Course: In this course, you will be able to discover how to design the best patterns and apparels. Learning such abilities will help you in building a bright career as an efficient and professional dressmaker. Under this advance dressmaking course, the Uangdoi Design also offers 3 different courses and each session concentrates on different types of apparels. To learn this, you should have some initial experience and for this, you are supposed to learn both the basic and intermediate courses. The advanced designing techniques will give you more functional information in handling complicated clothes. Stitching traditional Thai dress comes under this advance dressmaking course.

Here are some of the important dressmaking skills required for a professional designer.

  • Cowls are the clothing items that come with a long and hooded garment with wide sleeves. How to make a cowl is definitely a worth knowing art and is a part of advance dressmaking course.
  • When you consider a kimono sleeve, you may imagine a standard Japanese dress with a long and straight sleeves. However a kimono sleeve is additionally a fashion term. It refers to a sleeve that is an extension of the top, not a separate piece, and hence know how to make a kimono sleeve. A finished garment with a robe sleeve has no seam round the shoulder and underarm. The highest seam on a robe sleeve runs from the neck right down to the cuff of the sleeve. A very cheap seam may be a continuation of the facet seam to the sleeve cuff. To form a kimono sleeve, you want to begin with the pattern. You cannot amend a sleeve to a robe sleeve once you have got cut the material.
  • Evening gown is a formal or semi-formal dress defined as a long flowing women dress. It ranges from ballerina and tea to a full length. These evening gowns are usually made of luxurious fabric for a perfect style and appearance. The demand for how to make an evening dress is very growing and it is important to know this method of learning.
  • A drop shoulder pattern is defined as a shoulder style on a garment cut, so the seam is placed on the upper arm instead of having on the shoulder.
  • A Raglan Sleeve is a clothing pattern in which the sleeves are joined diagonally from armscye to the bodice into the neckline. In this pattern, the raglan sleeves cover the shoulder part, whereas the bodice is without shoulder part. The raglan sleeves consist of a shoulder part and the shoulder part is absent for a raglan bodice. So, inclusion of shoulder in the sleeves is required to cover the shoulder part. Know how to make raglan sleeves, and improve your dressmaking skills.
  • Traditional Thai Dresses are the originality and splendor of beauty. They are made from high quality fabrics. These custom tailored traditional dresses that come in different size and colors. Learning dressmaking course in Thailand will help you to learn how to stitch traditional Thai dresses with unique style. Chong Kraben. Sin, Suea Pat, Sabai, etc. are some of the traditional Thai dresses. The advance dressmaking course will help you in learning how to make traditional Thai dresses. With this, your tailoring skills will improve to an expert level.


Why only Uangdoi Design Dressmaking school?

When you are looking the best dressmaking school with advanced dressmaking courses in Chiang Mai, then Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School is one of the top rated one. The professional faculty is capable to train the students in every aspect along with personal care. The school is well-known for those students who are very enthusiastic in doing fashion design and dressmaking courses and many aspirants are coming from different parts of the world. The admission process is also quite simple. The students should contact the school either by phone or email and register for the respective course they wish to. Dress designing is an art and is dedicated to designing lifestyle apparel and accessories. It is basically based on the skills and creativity of designers. With the influence of heritage and communal mindset, there are a lot of advance dressmaking options evolved over place and time. At the same time, they are available according to today’s tastes and life.

Improve your tailoring skill set with Uangdoi Design

draping_resizeChiang Mai is the lovely town with an awesome nature, peaceful and friendly environment that is hardly found in other locations. The entire North Thailand is simply amazing with full of waterfalls, jungles, mountains and many attractions that make students stick to stay and study there. When you are looking for learning dressmaking abroad, then courses in Thailand, especially the Uangdoi Design School should be your first option. Here are the benefits of this school that one will definitely enjoy and get benefit from it.

  1. Improve your skill set: The primary benefit that one will definitely enjoy from the Uangdoi design school is gaining new skills. The courses are designed in such a way that the students will learn something new, which is very exciting and accompany throughout the life. You will be able to design and make your own clothes with your own patterns and style. By making your dreams come true, you will definitely enjoy the process of learning here.
  2. Highly Experienced and Professional Staff: It was more than 35 years after the establishment of school and the teachers has huge experience in fashion designing and dressmaking. You will learn the best techniques and practices from reputable and respectable teachers.
  3. Recognized Certification: The courses that are offered here are recognized by the Ministry of Education and after the completion of the course; you will receive a diploma certificate, which is valid across the world. The school proudly says that its students have won several awards and worldwide prizes for their unique designs.
  4. Affordable Costs: Usually, students feel that learning abroad will be expensive. But, when compared to many other countries of the World, the expenses in Thailand will be very less. The cost of living is very low in Chiang Mai with an affordable accommodation. The food, transportation and other living costs are very cheap and are certainly affordable.
  5. Friendly and Peaceful Environment: The Thai hospitality is very warm with full of smiles and laugh. You will definitely enjoy the friendly and peaceful environment. The seasons are pretty good with comfortable temperatures and soothing climate. You can also enjoy the amazing landscapes of Thailand during your course of study. A lot of hot springs and waterfalls within reach will give you cherish able experience in your life.


At Uangdoi Design, you will get a homely work environment and it ultimately encourages the students to improve their dressmaking and creative skills. The students will definitely have a wonderful learning environment, while adopting new skills with different creative patterns with various color combinations. It also plays a role in guiding you in improving your social skills and having a professional vocational career. Doing your fashion designing course or dressmaking courses in Uangdoi Design dressmaking school is an ideal investment and you will definitely reach your goal of becoming an eminent fashion designer. Choose the course and enroll today for a bright dressmaking skills.

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