Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design Course

Fashion design is defines as an art that is dedicated to designing of apparel and lifestyle accessories. It is habitually based on creativity and skills of designers. This art is influenced by heritage and communal mind-set and has evolved over time and place. Fashion is the inward feeling of human being to present themselves as per the alterations according today’s life. Fashion designing has arrive a long way from the designer apparel damaged by the royalty of the ancient world to the haute couture goods of the present. On the other hand, this art of fashion designing pledges glamour, good reputation, achievement and a high pay bundle to the gifted people. Today it is hard to envisage life without fashion and fashion design is eternal but its trends will be new. The latest trend fashion expertise department has revealed the scholars in the direction of various happenings in the area of latest trend.
USA3_resizeIn today’s world, fashion designing is one of the most creative career options. If you have interest and creative enough in designing different styles and latest trends then no doubt fashion designing is the best option for your career. To reach great heights in your fashion designing career, one has to join in fashion design course. Many educational institutions offer fashion design course satisfying both the creative fancies and the materialistic desires of the persons. The fashion designing course also includes dressmaking courses. So, numerous young aspirants who are captivated by these interests and enthusiasm take their step ahead in joining the fashion design course. The word fashion itself conjures up images of glitz and glamour. Those who are interested in learning only dressmaking can join in dressmaking courses.

While the academic obligations of the fashion design course are not very high. One must be highly creative to blend hues, shades and textures and express your concepts through sketches. Fashion design course involves such guidance and the educational organizations provide an excellent team of well trained and experienced educators who are rated on their information and class room presentation. Fashion design course classes will be undertook under the adept guidance of professional and creative tutors. This fashion design course is also equipped with the services of differentiated and eminent guest lecturers who will be delivering the guest sessions and seminars.

Learn new skills with Uangdoi Design

citylife 028_resizeIf you are looking for any practical, productive and profession fashion design course or dressmaking courses then
Uangdoi Design is the ideal choice. Uangdoi Design is the first tailoring and dress maker school in Chiang Mai. For its dedicated services for more than 30 years in offering dressmaking courses and fashion design course, it has been awarded with Royal Reward in the year 1997. The dressmaking courses of Uangdoi design will convince the students that tailing is not hard work and that everybody who has enthusiasm can do it. A very detailed and step by step guidance is provided as the part of dressmaking courses.

Faculties graduated in fashion design course and dressmaking courses are professional and highly skillful. Ajarn Krisna Sumethanuphab, The official dressmaking teacher has received her degree from France and she teaches in English, Thai and French.

Other professional instructors are teaching the fashion design course. Uangdoi Design School was awarded with lots of rewards for its proficiency in dressmaking courses which are mainly for Standard of School Certificate.

Course of Study in Uangdoi Design

Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School offers Three types of dressmaking courses called basic dressmaking course, intermediate dressmaking course and advance dressmaking course. The efficient professional faculty trains the students in each and every aspect with personal care. It is also well-known for the students who are enthusiastic in doing dressmaking courses and fashion design course and many students are coming from all over the world, countries like Bhutan, America, England, China, Lao, Germany, Holland, India and more. The students who are interested in doing dressmaking courses in Uangdoi Design dressmaking school simply should contact Uangdoi Design by Email or phone and register for the course they want.

A better learning environment with practical experience is provided by the faculty as a part of your dressmaking course. The staff shares their art of dressmaking with utmost patience throughout the course plan. The homely work environment in the Uangdoi design dressmaking school is ultimate and that creates enthusiasm in students to learn and improve their creativity. Definitely, students will really have wonderful days in learning and adopting new skills in designing different creative patterns and mixing them with different color combinations. It also guides you in improving your social development and having a progressive vocational career.

Along with the class room sessions, the fashion design course also involves industrial visits that are coordinated for the benefit of the students to know the procedure, new procedures of working, sampling, chopping, completing and flow of work and present trends and furthermore about diverse appliances utilized in the commerce. Students will be trained in sophisticated stitching, dressmaking courses, embroidery, illustrations and general management of boutique as well. It is also a requiring career, as latest trend designers need to blend their creativity with managerial skills to maintain in this commerce. Thus, if you can conceive illusion with hues, forms and designs, then just obtain an expert course to begin a thriving vocation in the alluring world of fashion designing. Doing your fashion designing course or dressmaking courses in Uangdoi Design dressmaking school is an ideal investment and you will definitely reach your goal of becoming an eminent fashion designer.


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