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Registering to our courses is very simple process, simply contact us with this information:

1. Tell us which course you are interested to learn

2. Let us know when you will arrive to Chiang Mai

you can study only specific subjects within a course, however, some subjects require a prior experience. So if you wish to learn only a specific subject, we can help build for you a custom made course, where you can learn only what you want.

You will receive 30 days visa when you arrive to Thailand by plane, there are ways to extent it, and also to get a longer visa before you are coming, Please click here for more information about visa process

If you do not have any prior experience, we can recommend for the basic course, as it will give you the foundation of dressmaking, however if you do have some experience, please contact us and explain what you have learned before, and what is your ultimate goal, and we will be happy to provide you with our recommendations.

The basic course is for beginners, and for people without prior experience, if you do have some experience you might consider our intermediate or advanced dressmaking courses.

5% Discount is possible if you are registering for more than one course.

You can stay at our accommodations while you participate in the course, for more information click here

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About Us

Uangdoi Design and Dressmaking School was the first dressmaking school in Chiang Mai. it was established 38 years ago


Our Courses

Basic, intermediate and advanced courses, You can also choose to learn a custom made course (Choose what you want to learn).

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Worldwide students

Our students come from all over the world, and enjoy learning while staying in north of Thailand


Learn While Traveling

Our Courses designed also for travelers that want to learn new skills and are short with time.

Uangdoi Dressmaking Courses / Frequently Asked Question

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